Architectural project selected


Under the auspices of the Master Architect of the Brussels-Capital Region a call for the architectural contract was launched early 2016, for the expansion and renovation of iMAL, in the frame of CASTII-Centre for Arts, Science, Technology, Innovation and Inclusion. After having received more than 50 responses to the call, five teams of architects were invited to submit a proposal. These teams were:

  1. V+ / Common Room
  2. Central (Bruxelles) / NP2F (Paris)
  3. O2 / Lassa
  4. ORG
  5. As Found

End of May 2016 the Review Committee met under the chairmanship of the Master Architect Kristiaan Borret. The Committee, composed of iMAL representatives, the Commune of Molenbeek and outside experts and observers, selected the project of Central Office (Brussels) / NP2F (Paris).

The proposal of Central / NP2F was selected for the quality of its architectural design, its integration into the urban environment and its suitability to the identity of iMAL, taken into account the diversity of its activities and its public.